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Position :

hostel manager

Job Descriptions


  • organizes, coordinates and oversees end-to-end daily operational needs of the hostel

  • Promotes and markets the business.

  • Manages budgets as well as expenditure.

  • Trains and monitors staffs.

  • Plans work schedules for individuals and teams.

  • Receives, meets and greets guests.

  • Taking charge of events.

  • Ensures and supervises preventive maintenance, regular housekeeping

  • Ensures security system is effective

  • Conducts routine HS&E checks/audits.

  • Attends to guests’ queries and resolves complaints.

  • Identifies and facilitates improvements

  • Ensures an advocates compliance to health & safety regulations

  • Works closely with company management providing timely, accurate feedback and reports

  • Identifies and Reports irregularities/risks immediately



Interpersonal Skills/Appearance

  • Maintains neat, decent appearance

  • Outgoing, vocal, welcoming and attentive nature towards guests

  • Pleasant smile

  • Excellent in English language communication (comprehension, and oral)


Technical Knowledge

  • Possesses updated knowledge on topics relevant to guests and about Chinatown/KL/Malaysia (will be required to compile manual/scripts for front office crew eg nearest public transport, medical facilities, currency exchange facilities)

  • Basic knowledge of tourist attractions and nearby events. Able to advise guests on tours

  • Able to lead, guide and coach staff

  • Able to maintain operations by preparing policies and standard operating procedures; implementing production, productivity, quality, and patron-service standards; determining and implementing system improvements.

  • Able to organise and coordinate events/conferences

Job Type: Full-time